Welcome to Achilles Washington DC

History and mission

The Washington DC chapter of Achilles International is a non-profit organization that partners sighted runners who serve as guides for blind and low vision athletes, and other athletes with disabilities. We welcome anyone interested in building community through running and enjoying the sounds, smells, and sights of local roads and trails to join us for weekly group workouts. We also provide sponsorships for disabled athletes and volunteers to participate in running races to achieve personal goals, while building confidence and teamwork through the sport of running. We encourage all who are interested in joining us to check out the Athlete, Guide, and Safety pages for additional information about running with Achilles.

How does It Work?

We hold workouts on Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 8:45am at the Starbucks at 325 7th St NW, Washington DC 20004. (Note that timings may vary slightly based on the season). Once everyone has arrived at the location, the group will split into groups of two (or sometimes more) and start jogging or walking. The guide will cater to the athlete's personal goals and preferences. Once the groups return, the volunteers and the athletes can get to know each other a little bit before heading home for the day.  

Define Running

In Achilles parlance, running means many things. It means conventional running, of course. But it also refers to walking, wheeling, hopping, or swinging through crutches. In other words, any form of locomotion that gets you through the route.

United In Stride sighted guide tutorial with audio description